Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bones to Ashes, by Kathy Reichs

Cold cases, current cases, forensics and anthropology, history, characters...this one has it all. Temperance Brennan is a forensic pathologist in Quebec and, called on to solve the really tough cases. In Bones and Ashes, the latest of the series, though, a current case connects with a cold case that connects with Tempe's past. The discovery of a young girl's skeleton in Acadia leads her to shocking truths, and drives an obsessive need to solve they mystery of her childhood best friend's disappearance more than 30 years ago. Through the twists and turns that Tempe and her colleagues take as they piece the clues and ties together, author Reichs keeps you turning pages--reading just one more, no, have to read one more.... If you enjoy Patricia Cornwell you'll like this series. And fans of the TV series 'Bones' take note! The series is based on the Temperance Brennan mysteries by Kathy Reichs; Bones to Ashes is the most recent addition to the series.