Monday, April 07, 2008

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye; by Vitorial Laurie

I went in search of a cozy mystery or series that featured a psychic and found the "Psychic Eye" series, and this is the first in the series. It's in the cozy style, with an amateur detective--in this case, a PI (Professional Intuitive). Abby is liikeable and believable. Having read books with psychic characters (they're of uneven quality, at best) I was pleasantly surprised by the author's handling and description of Abby's psychic abilities. Too often authors these days will write a book with psychic characters but apparently have not done any research or even talked at length with any psychics, and just throw in something pshych-ish periodically, as if following a formula for how often it needs to be introduced. Laurie is a psychic herself, so the descriptions are real and believable, and a part of who Abby is.

Others in the cast of characters are good foils for Abby: a gorgeous policeman, a handyman, and a sister who is a character--in many senses of the word--in and of herself.

Though a murder mystery the book is in the cozy style, and has a light touch--a bit of humor, very little in the way of blood and gore. If you like Joanne Fluke's or Carolyn G. Hart's "Death on Demand" series give this one a try.

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